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Online marathon “Pushing the limits” on the occasion of the International Day of People with Disabilities
Cold swimming – limitless possibilities of a healthy lifestyle!
Video about the first test course on community development in the post-Soviet space

Virtual World Community Development Conference 2022

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Panel discussion “We Stand With Ukraine”
This important WCDC Plenary session shines the spotlight upon Ukraine and what volunteers and agencies have been doing to build community development at a time of war.

We Stand With Ukraine

From the first days of Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, due to your support, we’ve done a great job. Watch this video https://youtu.be/WFauCmH2GxQ to get a quick look at how we have been working to support Ukrainian children with disabilities and their families. 
Flashmob “WeStandWithUkraine”
The broadcast #ямыВолонтер



International Online Inclusive Practices online competition “Inclusive Practices without Borders”.
The purpose of the competition is to provide information support to the enthusiasts working in social inclusion, prospective ideas and implementation of inclusive projects as well as inclusive community development practice.

Launch of an international virtual inclusive platform – IP Virtual Platform

Online premiere of the movie School of Inclusive Volunteerism
The film will reveal to the audience an unconventional and innovative view of the inclusion of people with disabilities in volunteer activities. You will get to know the people who were at the origins of the project “School of Inclusive Volunteerism”. The characters of the film will tell you how the idea of the project was born, together with them we will go through all the difficulties, we will discover many new things and feel how exciting it is to be a volunteer!

Online premiere of the movie
Inclusive Choir – «Radost Dushi» (The Joy Of The Soul)
This film is not just about an inclusive choir – it is a film about a unique creative community where music has become a central part of the lives of children and their families. It is a film about a shared love of music that helps you erase boundaries, find yourself, find your mission in life, and find true friends.



December 3 is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. The Day of Limitless Abilities was bright, energetic and very touching. This event joined together many people from different cities, children and adults, and everyone became a part of the inclusive life.

Premiere of the movie – «Points of contact»
The film “Points of Contact” is about people who strive to create a sincere contact as a basis for developing relationships with project participants. It opens the amazing story of the creation and development of the inclusive project “Future teacher – Child with special needs – Parents: points of contact” (Ukraine, Chernivtsi). The main characters, the project team, share their discoveries, experiences, ideas and difficulties encountered along the way.

Festival Pushing the limits – 2019

The second Working Session of the Expert Group of the International Program «Development of Inclusive Communities»

“Pushing the Limits – 2019” photo exhibition

In May 2018, in its 65th anniversary year, the International Association for Community Development (IACD) – a global international network accredited by the United Nations, launched “Towards Shared International Standards for Community Development Practice”. For 2019, in collaboration with Inclusive Practices, this publication has been translated into Russian, Georgian, Ukrainian, Armenian, Kazakh and Belarusian.

The first Working Session of the Expert Group of the International Program «Development of Inclusive Communities»


NPO “Inclusive Practices” became a member of the IACD

Launching pages on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Creating a YouTube channel as a platform for sharing experiences of inclusive practices.

Registration of NPO “Inclusive Practices”