Inclusive Practices Laboratory Project (#ipLabProject)

#ipLabProject is an effective model for teaching, implementing and promoting the fundamental principles of empathic relationships in any field of endeavor. Every person who works with others faces the neuropsychological challenge, which involves sharing a stressful emotional state due to involuntary resonance (a direct mechanism of perception action coupling). It is well known that pain as a potential threat in the environment urges individuals to escape or avoid its source otherwise it causes homeostatic stressor factor which in tendency leads to personal depression.

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Target Audience:
People with physical or mental disabilities (autism, down syndrome, ADHD, psychomotor development retardation, blind, cerebral palsy etc; families with children with special needs; social workers, volunteers; specialists in the field of Inclusion & Disability; community development practitioners; researchers at empathy\stress\allostasis studies field, etc.
Trainee learns expert knowledge, hands-on experience and professional self-monitoring to remove an ambiguity referring to empathic interaction context in Inclusive Community Development Practice.
Online consultations; online discussions; online workshops; online training session; webinars, ect

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Social project – “IP-Kolobok”

“IP-Kolobok” is an amazing case where the fundamental path of development of social actualization unfolds. It is impossible to imagine the development of society, community and individual without social contacts as a social norm. An amazing characters of this project clearly demonstrate the need for social contact. Of course, these are children.

Let’s get to know them better: Dasha and her close friend Egor – which is a Sunny boy with Down syndrome. Every morning they and other children go to deliver a good mood and delicious homemade pastries. And in just a month of the project’s existence we observe how becoming a part of common cause and active participation in social life are important for everyone, especially for a person with disability. Our sunny baby Egor, along with the rest of the special needs children, is the main “indicator”. By increasing of their energy, space and situations orientating state, speech and gesture activity we can estimate the importance of the social environment, where the main thing is contact.

There is only one true luxury, that of human relationships

― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Social Event/Games Guides

Development and publication of guidelines in the field of social inclusion. These guides are intended for parents of children with disabilities and adults with disabilities, professionals and volunteers in the field of Disability & Inclusion.

Social/Scientific/Methodological Video Projects

Every year we create new films and video projects that reveal fundamental social, neurophysiological aspects of human development and social relationships.

You can watch our films and video projects here:

Community Development Practitioners Courses in Post-Soviet Countries

Developing and Implementing Courses for Community Development Practitioners in Post-Soviet Countries.

The need for connection and community is primal, as fundamental as the need for air, water and food.
– Dean Ornish

An absolutely innovative, unique course on community development was organized at the initiative of Inclusive Practices on the basis of the Kiev Cooperative Institute of Business and Law (KCIBL) in 2020.
Inclusive Practices Network

Support Inclusive Practices Network – Practitioners, volunteers, mothers’ of autistic children who come through the training courses in our community-based participatory research.

Empathy is the medicine the world is need

IP Laboratory “Empathy and Inclusion”

Support interns (people with disabilities) of the IP Laboratory “Empathy and Inclusion”

You can learn more about IP Laboratory “Empathy and Inclusion” here:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”