Autism case

IP Laboratory “Empathy and Inclusion”

The “Autism” case serves as the foundation for our ongoing research laboratory. Our comprehensive approach, supported by neurophysiological explanations, allows us in daily practice to achieve predictable, observable, and measurable results – sociopsychobiogenesis to overcome social alienation and autism.

Due to empathic connectedness individuals with autism overcome the limits of autistic internal model. This empowers them to experience a sense of safety, release negative tension, and fully engage with the natural world and people they share the emphatic contact with.

My daughter Ailin turned 11 in 2022! For 9 years now, we have been moving along the path of overcoming the limits of autism… this is a long and difficult path, but this is the life filled with meaning and joy of simple moments …
In the first year of her life, Ailin got into intensive care twice, twice I almost lost her.
At the age of two, we learned about the manifestations of autism and the violation of communication skills. I was holding my little curly-haired girl in my arms. She did not look at me, did not hear me…

The child cannot develop without communication, being biologically disconnected from society. That’s how it all started. Circumstances have pushed us to look for opportunities to organize a reasonable, inclusive and diverse environment. And we started looking for! We became a members of the IP VIRTUAL SPACE. Now we live in Georgia. My curly-haired girl has changed a lot. The mirror has cracked! Ailin is with us! We are truly together ❤

Every day we overcome ourselves, breaking out of the captivity of autism. Every day is a small but very important victory!
This is our life, this is our professional practice, this is our pathway…
When we are together, everything is possible!